About school

Gurukul is tried, tested and trusted name in the field of education. Though there are mushrooms of private schools in all parts of the city, but due to our unique and innovative curriculum and technique we stand a class apart. Ever since its inception, the school has always at achieving and maintaining the highest standard of academic performance.

Gurukul is the most prominent and the fastest leading school in Dungarpur. It has the correct ambience of imparting education which is capable of bringing about a series of 'Human Unfoldment', essential for a lifelong education. Gurukul works to impart quality education and all round personality development to the students, which will make them to face any challenge in this era of globalization and competition.

We believe that children are little computers just waiting to be programmed and this programme of children start in the family with their parents. The parents inculcate attitude, habits, sentiments and behavioural skill in children, which they feel would be important and useful to their children. The right selection of the school for their child is essential part of parent's life. Gurukul fulfills all the dreams of parents regarding their ward's education and personality development.